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Marketing Strategy: get strategic and market smart

Why marketing strategy matters
"How are your marketing dollars helping you to acheive your business goals?"

If you can't answer this question, you're likely going to throw money at whatever marketing activity is fastest, easiest, or simply first on your mental checklist. Before you know it, your budget will be gone and you won't really know what it's done for you. Or what opportunities you missed because you didn't consider all of your options.

To spend your resources wisely, you need a strategic marketing plan that considers your company's current situation, your target audience, and your end goals. For example, will your business benefit most from raising brand awareness, acquiring new customers, or retaining your existing customers? Given your goals, should you advertise online, exhibit at a trade event, develop an email newsletter, or market yourself in any other number of ways?

My experience
I have developed and implemented marketing strategies at large and small companies, where I've seen resources spent with great care and without a clue. From this experience, I've learned how to develop a strategy based on concrete goals and thoughful rationale, map out a supporting marketing plan, and then roll up my sleeves to create the necessary sales tools. I've created marketing strategies for consumer and business products and sevices, including new product launches that require a highly coordinated effort between multiple departments.

How I can help you
My approach to developing a marketing strategy includes three primary steps, in which I...

  • Evaluate your company's current marketing position
  • Research your industry, to identify valuable marketing opportunities, and your key competitors, to understand how they're marketing themselves
  • Write a custom marketing strategy for your business that reflects your situation, your goals, and your budget

Once I've completed the strategy document, you can use it as a roadmap for your own activities. I'm also available to develop detailed marketing plans and any supporting sales tools, and to evaluate the results of the marketing campaigns you decide to undertake.

Ready for more? Learn about my background or contact me to get started.

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