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Email Marketing: expert help from an industry insider

My experience
For more than five years, I helped run Lyris Technologies, the developer of the world's best selling email marketing software and services for permission-based email campaigns.

My experience includes just about everything an email marketing insider can do: setting email marketing goals and developing a strategy to achieve them; crafting email newsletters and sales offers; segmenting customers by demographics to create targeted messages; writing white papers on email marketing best practices; and presenting email-related topics at industry trade events like the Direct Marketing Association's Annual Conference and the INBOX email marketing show.

How I can help you
Short of delivering your email (I'm not an ESP) or selling you a list (build your own!), I can...

  • Evaluate your current email practices and recommend changes to ensure that you comply with both the law and today's best practices
  • Develop an email marketing strategy and tactical plan that generates positive ROI for your business while maintaining great customer relations
  • Advise you on the best ways to grow and maintain a permission-based (a.k.a. "opt-in") email list or customer database
  • Recommend technical solutions for email marketing creation, delivery, and results analysis that fit your company's goals, size, and available IT and creative resources
  • Help troubleshoot any email marketing problems you may be experiencing, such as poor delivery rates, low response rates, or high unsubscribe rates
  • Write content for your email newsletters or email sales offers

I also work with some of the most email tech savvy people on the planet; if your business needs help managing a large-scale email marketing effort, Mighty Pen Marketing can offer the best problem-solvers available.

Ready for more? Learn about my background or contact me to get started.

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