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Corporate Communications: speeches, presentations, and PR

My experience
In 1997, I wrote my first speech for someone else to deliver, and it was a revelation: I could craft an elegant, persuasive story fitting the needs of the event and the speaker, and the audience would respond tangibly. Laughter, applause, and intelligent questions afterward demonstrated that people were really listening carefully.

Since then, I've been a go-to guy for speech writing and corporate presentations. My writing is both informative and persuasive, and allows the presenter to connect closely with the audience. I'm capable of conveying a broad range of tones and attitudes, from deadly serious to wildly enthusiastic. And my approach to presentation slide decks follows today's best practices: active titles, less-is-more content, and substantive examples.

I've also worked closely with PR firms and journalists, and written dozens of press releases and company announcements that reinforce key messages. If you'd like to see samples of my work, please contact me.

How I can help you
In addition to developing corporate positioning that differentiates you from your competitors, I can create a variety of corporate communications materials, such as:

  • Executive speeches for internal and external events
  • Corporate presentations for trade shows, sales meetings, and business development
  • Press releases and company announcements

If you're managing your public relations in-house, I can help you make more time to cultivate relationships with the media and orchestrate interviews with your customers by writing your press releases and case studies.

You can also try my free tips for pitching your business. This two-page worksheet is primarily oriented towards entrepreneurs who are presenting to prospective investors, but it should also be useful to any business owner who wants to fine-tune his or her corporate message.

Ready for more? Learn about my background or contact me to get started.

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