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Business Plans: how to make yours bulletproof

My experience
I have more than a decade of experience developing business plans, executive summaries, and corporate presentations. I've conducted the extensive market research needed for credible business cases and sales forecasts. I’ve walked financial and strategic buyers through slide decks, and written the detailed plans they read after they’re initially intrigued. And I've answered the challenging, probing questions that inevitably follow.

How I can help you
I know how to manage all of the critical elements in a bulletproof business plan, executive summary, or corporate presentation: thorough market research and competitive analysis; clear, strong company positioning; inituitive organization and flow; well-supported sales models and forecasts; and, most importantly, intellectually honest arguments that will withstand the tough scrutiny and healthy skepticism of today's investors.

My typical approach to developing a business plan is to work closely with the business owner over a period of weeks, or longer if appropriate. Creating a plan that's substantive and enduring is definitely an iterative process; what sounded reasonable one day will probably be replaced on another, as the business model is fine-tuned through further discussions and careful consideration. In the end, you'll have a plan that's truly defensible to prospective investors or strategic partners.

Take a look at my free tips for pitching your business. This two-page worksheet will help you enhance your business plan and make the most of your opportunities to present it.

Ready for more? Learn about my background or contact me to get started.




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