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Pitching your business: Impress Me in Three Minutes

Are you making your best possible first impression with investors?
I've worked with several early-stage companies and entrepreneurs. They have exactly what you'd expect in order to be successful—passion, drive, and vision—but they've also had some difficulty articulating key elements of their businesses succinctly. When asked a simple question, such as What does your company do?, they often replied with complex technical answers or lengthy descriptions of market conditions.

Together, we worked to frame their vast knowledge and ambitious business objectives into more concise terms. I helped clarify and substantiate their key messages, so they can impress new audiences quickly—which is exactly what we all need to do when talking with prospective investors or business partners for the first time.

Free Tips: Impress Me in Three Minutes
I've put together a short exercise that tests your ability to describe your business clearly. Impress Me in Three Minutes is a two-page PDF worksheet that will help you present to prospective investors or strategic partners with greater confidence, knowing that you have the focus and language to express your vision persuasively.

To get your free copy of these business communication tips, please email your request to:
help at mightypenmarketing dot com.


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