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About Mighty Pen Marketing

Mighty Pen Marketing is managed by Steven Brown. I'm a marketing professional with a well rounded business background, excellent communication skills, and an intense work ethic. I've contributed to both large and small companies, and I bring that collective experience to all of my clients' projects. When you hire me, you get my corporate perspective combined with my start-up energy.

My education and work experience include:

Three good reasons to hire me
I contribute to my clients' businesses in many ways, but in particular, I offer the benefits of clarity, persuasion, and dedication.

  • Clarity is key, whether you're presenting your entire business to investors, or simply making a special offer to current customers. Don't lose your audience with meaningless fluff, technical jargon, or mediocre writing. I'll distill your message—the value you provide, and what sets you apart from your competitors—into clear, consistent terms that people can understand easily.
  • Persuasion is all about telling a compelling story that resonates with your customers. I'll think about your corporate or marketing communication from their point of view, and then use descriptive language and substantive examples that inspire action—to call, purchase, or take whatever other steps are beneficial to your business.
  • Dedication is hard enough to find in permanent employees, let alone contractors. But when you’re lucky, you find someone who thinks and acts like an owner—as you do. I demonstrate ownership behavior in every project I undertake, communicating ideas and creating deliverables that are thoughtful, precise, and highly valuable.

My strengths include business plan development; marketing strategy and marketing plans; all types of business writing, including copy for Web, print, and other sales tools; corporate communications such as executive speeches, company presentations, and press releases; and email marketing best practices, strategy, and content.

Need help now? See my services or contact me to discuss your project.

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